Saturday, May 14, 2016

Kindness Revisited

 My third post on this blog, way back when, was about a random act of kindness which I witnessed at a Waffle House in Chattanooga.  Here's the link to that post:

I'm glad I decided to revisit some of my earlier posts because the above-mentioned one reminded me of another Waffle-House based act of kindness.  It happened in March of this year.

My sister-in-law, Beverly, and I attended the Elton John concert in Columbus, Georgia, in mid-March.  We drove there from Beverly's home; it took about an hour and a half.  (The concert was fabulous!  If you ever get a chance to see Elton John in person, don't pass it up.)

On our way home, around midnight, we decided we needed to stop for sustenance and hydration.  Beverly and I already had a history with Waffle House (see below), so we stopped at another one on I-185. 

Beverly ordered waffles (what else?) and coffee, and I had bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns, with my caffeine of choice, Diet Coke.  Normally, if I order bacon and eggs, I want grits with them (being the good Southern girl that I am) but Waffle House makes really damn good hashbrowns. 

Beverly and I can get really carried away with our yakking and there doesn't seem to be a topic that's off-limits.  So while we were solving the world's problems, a couple of other diners we had encountered in the parking lot, finished their meal and left. 

After about an hour of discussing whatever came up, we asked for the check.  The only person in the restaurant was the cook.  He said he needed to go outside and get our waitress.  When she came in she told us the couple in the next booth had paid our check! 

We were both stunned!  The waitress said she wasn't supposed to tell us, but the man told her he and his wife had experienced hard times and someone had helped them out and he just wanted to "pay it forward."  Apparently he didn't mind that we weren't on hard times, he just wanted to do something nice for someone and Beverly and I were the lucky recipients of that gesture! 

Wow!  Just Wow!

Talking about the man's kindness kept us awake until we got back to Beverly's house about 2:30 am.  So we got to go to a great concert, had loads of fun talking, and ran smack-dab into a random act of kindness.  That's a pretty cotton-pickin' good way to have an evening!

Regarding our other Waffle-House experience....

When her younger daughter got married a couple of years ago, Beverly was so wired she didn't get any sleep at all the night after the wedding -- and Beverly is a woman who likes her sleep.  We were all staying in the same hotel in Roswell, Georgia (suburb of Atlanta).  

I'm known for waking up early, but I was surprised when my cellphone signaled an incoming text at 5:00 am.  It was Beverly and she wanted to go to breakfast. 

We threw on clothes, met in the lobby, and went to the Waffle House up the street from the hotel.  There were no random acts of kindness; nobody got knifed in the parking lot; nothing unusual, just breakfast at the crack of dawn.  

But we had a great time!  We finally left when it was full daylight outside, but as in the Waffle House after the Elton John concert, we solved a lot of the world's problem.  It seems Beverly and I do that a lot.

Take care, y'all.  


Anonymous said...

What can be really enjoyable is to pay for someone's order in the drive-through line behind you. And hope you can make it out of the parking lot anonymously before they realize it. Bonus points if they are driving a clunker.


Paige Cummings said...

Waffle House is great for people watching, and eating pecan waffles. Not so fond of their coffee.

Bridget said...

I love these stories! Sometimes I think the best kindnesses are the ones that are unexpected.