Monday, February 2, 2015


I went to the Bob Seger concert in Atlanta (Duluth, actually, at the Arena at Gwinnett Place) this past Saturday night.  My goodness! the man puts on a great show!  I had attended one of his concerts in the 1980s, and it was the absolute best concert I'd ever experienced!  But the concert this past weekend was even better. 

I went with my oldest niece, Shannon, also a Seger fan.  We ate dinner at a nearby restaurant, the Arena Tavern, and the place was packed with old farts like me who were all headed to the concert as well.  I spoke with several of them and they were just as excited as I was.  We had a very good dinner; mine was the best fish tacos EVER.  I'll never eat fish tacos anywhere else.  

We managed to get a half-decent parking place at the Arena and found our seats with the help of the super friendly Arena staff.  After the concert, it sort of took forever to get out of the parking lot, and then we stopped at my sister-in-law's for the night.  We got there after 1:30 am, Sunday.  Beverly had waited up for us, but after the quick introductions, we all went straight to bed.

Despite some irritations with the opening act and the two twenty-something idiots seated directly in front of me, I had a blast!  

The warm-up act was the J. Geils Band.  They were loud, with too much microphone on the drums and bass guitar -- the kind that makes your chest rattle.  Very uncomfortable.  The lead singer, Peter Wolf, probably drunk and/or high as a kite, was especially annoying.  But on the good side, the keyboard guy was wearing a t-shirt that read "Stand with Women," and the harmonica player was good.

The two idiots, two girls who had probably just hit legal age, kept getting up for trips to the bar, and frequently they'd get up and do something that they must have thought was dancing but the rhythm of their movements had absolutely nothing to do with the rhythm of the music from the stage.  I paid good money for our seats and it annoyed me to no end when they got up and blocked my view of the stage.  My sister-in-law said I should have just reached out and knocked their heads together.  That would have been very satisfying.

However... just getting to hear Bob Seger live again made up for the annoyances.  I read somewhere that this was his last tour, and if I could afford to go to another city to see another concert, I'd do it in a heartbeat!

Bob Seger.  Good music.  I'm a fan.

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Bridget said...

Sounds like it was overall a great experience! There really is nothing that compares to seeing someone live, especially someone that you have liked forever.


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