Friday, November 30, 2012

Goodbye And Peace To You, My Old, Sweet Friend

On Wednesday, November 28th, I said goodbye to my old friend, Dashiell.  He was sixteen years old.

He got sick and the vet, Dr. K., determined that he had intestinal cancer.  She said he'd get to feeling better from the medication that she was giving him, but that he would more than likely relapse in just a few weeks and be just as sick.  I asked her to go ahead and euthanize him because neither Richard nor I wanted him to suffer any more.  The vet technician brought Dashiell to the examination room where I was waiting for him.  We had about fifteen minutes of petting and purring and cuddling.  The vet came into the room and asked if I'd like to be present when she put him down.  I nodded, because I can't cry and speak at the same time.  She brought in the syringe and a shaver.  We put him on the examining table, still purring.  She shaved his leg and inserted the needle and began to slowly inject the medicine.  I continued petting Dashiell.  His head drooped and there was still a little bit of purring, but when he was truly out, the purring stopped as his heart had also stopped.  I continued petting him for several minutes.  But finally, it was time to say goodbye forever.

Dr. K. removed my sweet kitty, and left me alone again in the examining room.  I used up some more of the tissues she gave me.  And then I went home.  Dashiell will be cremated and they will give us his ashes in a little urn, so in a way, he will be with us forever.  But we will still miss him greatly.