Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jazzed and Motivated

I've done something I swore not too long ago that I would never do again:  I went on a diet. 

Throughout my life I've been on and off diets so many times I lost count.  As everybody already knows and as I finally realized, they don't work.  Especially ones that use gimmicks. 

I don't remember just how I came across it while I was surfing the 'net one day back in June, but I got on the Duke University Medical Center Diet and Fitness Center website.  I read up on their approach and became a believer.  I signed on at dukediet.com and started a journey. 

This is a journey that you can stay on forever.  I haven't really changed my lifestyle, but I have adapted (fairly easily I'd say) to tracking my weight every day and also logging my calorie intake every day.  Believe it or not I look forward to getting up in the morning (at 6:10, mind you) and weighing myself.  (My friend Theresa pointed out that that's kind of sick and I agree.)  I know that programs like Weight Watchers and the WebMD site advocate weighing in weekly, but daily works for me. 

Counting calories is the way to go.  With Duke's online food log, it's so easy.  You can look up nutrition information for many foods on Duke's website (and if you can't find it there, look at nutritional labels on food packaging, or the WebMD site's "Food-O-Meter").  Duke's online weight tracker draws you a graph and lets you see your progress. 

One positive thing about this new (to me) way of eating is that I'm never really hungry.  I consume between 1200 and 1400 calories a day.  Sometimes I go over, but I've found that doing so occasionally reminds your metabolism that it has a job to do.  I've started eating healthier food, like more fruits and veggies, fewer white starches.  I'm allowed up to two snacks a day, but I sometimes don't have both of them.  I started out by measuring my vegetables and now I'm pretty confident that I can eyeball a half cup of food.  Duke has helpful articles and charts you can use as aids. 

I had resigned myself to accepting my body as it was, but I have high blood pressure, sleep apnea, acid reflux, and arthritis, all of which are exacerbated by weight.  I realized back in June that it was time.  I guess I could not start a diet until I had reached that realization.  My previous doctor had nagged me about losing weight and I resisted mightily.  Well, she retired, so I had to find another doctor.  He never said a word about my weight, except an occasional comment if I happened by sheer chance to lose a pound or two.  He is now thoroughly impressed.  (I'm rather impressed by the whole thing, myself.) 

 Wanna know how much is gone?  Well, I have hit my first 15-pound goal and have started on the second one.  I'm taking it 15 pounds at a stretch, because that is doable for me.  To say, "Okay, I'm going to lose 30 pounds," is a bit overwhelming, but 15 at a time is manageable.  I'll quit with the increments when I get to a point that I don't need to lose any more.  Stepping on the scale and seeing another pound gone is very motivating.  And now I'm sleeping better, the joints in my lower limbs haven't hurt in months, I haven't had heartburn in a long while, and I'll check with my doctor about the blood pressure thing when I go back the next time. 

I am excessively proud of myself.  I needed this.

Take care, everybody, and eat healthy.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Marie! 15 pounds is awesome :) I'm still trying for five :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm proud of you.
It's funny that once we make that decision, it's not that hard. 2009 I learned I was pre-diabetic, so by early 2010 I lost over 30 lbs in 9 months by just cutting out sodas & ice cream. I don't often eat desserts anyway, so this was easy. Now I do "cheat" a bit but never over 2 soda's a week and maybe one I.C. a week. I am now @ a steady 145lbs. So glad I never threw away all of those size 14 clothes. Hang tough! Love, Ann