Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME

 It's my birthday.  I turned !@#$%^&*+ years old at 1:15 this pm.  A bunch of my Facebook friends and family have already wished me happy birthday.  Richard and I went to a party on Friday that had absolutely nothing to do with my birthday.  About 9:30 pm, the party ordered pizza.  Our hostess had provided nice and tasty hors d'oeuvres (or however you spell it; I can never get it right except by accident). 

On Saturday night, we had a small dinner party.  I meant to take pictures and forgot.  (That should tell you how old !@#$%^&*+ is.)  We had, as an appetizer (see? I'm not going to try my spelling again), spanakopitas, or as our wedding guest (so many years ago) called them, collard tarts.  Of course, they don't have collards in them!  What were you thinking?  Richard used the traditional spinach and feta. 

For our main meal we had crab cakes with remoulade sauce, shrimp and tortellini, broccoli salad, and rustic bread.  For dessert, I made a zucchini cake and cream cheese icing.  The cake broke (alas!) as I was removing it from the pan (I hate that particular pan), so we served the frosting on the side:  a very rustic slice of cake with a dollop of cream cheese goodness. 

It was a fun dinner party.  We sat around the table until about 11:00 pm with never a lull in the conversation.  My kind of party.  When everybody left, Richard washed up and I put away the food and dried the flatware (hate water spots!), and then we collapsed into bed. 

On Sunday, I curled up with my Kindle for a while (until the battery was low and I had to recharge). 

I also watched a Braves game (and took a nap during).  They lost.  But they did win the first two games of the series with the Marlins.

Tonight I get to find out what Richard got me for my birthday.  I always like what he gets me, so I have no worries.  We usually have pasta for dinner on Mondays, but I'm going to insist on something a little more exciting.  After all, it IS my BIRTHDAY, for heaven's sake!!!

Happy birthday to Me.....

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Bridget said...

Happy Birthday!!! No matter what, it beats the alternative.


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