Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Some Sadness and Some Random

I'll take care of the sadness part first:  Richard's father passed away on Sunday.  He was a retired university professor of microbiology, an avid sailor, a former Marine, and a Braves fan.  He had a great sense of humor, was very generous, and enjoyed writing historical fiction.  He did something when he retired that I'm going to do: he took off his watch and thereafter ignored the fact that he owned one.  I loved that.  And I love him.  I'm so glad that I married into that family.  The funeral will be on Thursday in north Georgia.

The cats are fine, but they're not getting along fine.  Bagheera has some of the devil in her.  She's found out that Lila will hiss if she gets too close, so now she takes every opportunity to make Lila hiss and then they have a little swatting fight.  It's a little disconcerting if we're trying to go to sleep and both cats happen to get on the bed at the same time.  I think Bagheera has found most of Lila's sleeping spots and, though not always, will go and disturb her.  The little devil!  At least nobody is peeing on the furniture. 

We have a little fishpond just off the back of the house.  On Sunday I happened to look out and I saw a golden retriever sitting IN the pool, lapping up water.  I guess he/she was hot and just wanted to cool off a bit.  I had never seen that particular dog in the neighborhood before.  I wanted a picture but I was sure he/she would bolt if I went outside with my camera.

I had breakfast for dinner last night, two eggs (fried in PAM) on lightly-buttered whole-wheat toast.  As I was munching on my meal I was thinking how it was just the thing and how it really hit the spot.  When I was living/working in Charleston, we had a little breakfast/lunch room on the premises.  I frequently would get the nice lady who ran the place to make me a toasted egg-bacon-and-cheese sandwich for my breakfast.  For a while there I quit buying cereal and milk at the grocery store.  Of course I gained numerous pounds, some of which I'm still carrying.  My drink of choice for that meal was a Diet Coke, like that was going to do any good.  HA! 

I'm embracing healthier eating habits now, like eating more fresh fruits and veggies, whole wheat breads, less fat, and more lean protein.  I'm rather fortunate that my protein of choice is shrimp and other seafood, which has way fewer calories than red meat or pork.  I'll let you know if I manage to do something really strange, like losing weight.  (I imagine that if I do lose weight, I'll be crowing about it -- loudly!)

For those knitters among you, have you found Patternfish.com?  It's a wonderful resource for knitting and crochet patterns.  I have a wish list on the site, just waiting until we win the lottery so that I can purchase and download them all.  Every once in a while I feel like doing a little shopping, so I usually buy a few patterns, a little yarn (from my other favorite knitting site, WEBS (www.yarn.com)), and maybe a few books for my Kindle. 

Another favorite website is ePlans.com.  I like looking at house plans, because eventually we'll both be retired and moving to some location above the gnat line (the gnats down here are tres annoying).  I came across a plan a couple of months ago that Richard and I both agree is damn near the perfect house plan.  I have a group of saved plans on that website and this one is listed as the Dream House (my wording).  It's slightly larger than the house we own now and it's in our price range to build.  It has an open floor plan, two guest rooms, a library/study, and a nice master suite.

I watch The Barefoot Contessa on a semi-regular basis, and I'm jealous of some of the kitchen gadgets she owns.  She has a square fluted cutter that she uses when she make scones (she cuts out the squares then cuts them diagonally), and I stumbled across the website where that particular item is sold, Cassandra's Kitchen.  This site has quite a few of the things Ina uses in her kitchen.  Surfing the Internet pays off.

Writing this particular post has briefly taken my mind off our recent loss.  We are glad that daddy-in-law didn't linger and suffer; he went rather quickly and peacefully.  I hope when my time comes I'm half that fortunate. 

Take care, everybody.  Hug your loved ones.


TheUnSoccerMom said...

My deepest sympathies are extended to you and your husband on the loss of his father. I know that must be a hard thing to take. Keeping you guys in my prayers for sure.

Thanks for the house plans website! I plan to bookmark it for sure.

Bridget said...

So sorry to hear of your father-in-law's death. Everyone here will keep him, and all of you, in our thoughts and prayers.

I think Patternfish is a blast. And I'm not gonna look at the house plans site, that would just be asking for trouble!

Take care.