Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Number 100

This is my 100th post. I was going to wait until the anniversary of my first blog post, but y'all might think I gave up.

I started reading again, and I have finished the first book of 2011:

The Long Road Home, by Mary Alice Monroe. This is Monroe's first novel, recently re-released. New York widow Nora MacKenzie finds out that her husband's estate is virtually bankrupt, and she takes on a farm in Vermont while waiting for the estate to be settled. Once there, she has to deal with the skepticism of the locals and one very intriguing farm hand, C.W. She shows her mettle by working as hard as everybody else, caring for the farm's herd of sheep. The house that she and her late husband were building is unfinished, so she hires help to complete it. We find out that C.W. is actually Charles Blair, the man Nora blames for her husband's death and all her financial woes. Nora does not know this, but C.W. knows who she is and he is determined to right all the wrongs perpetrated by his evil (only way to describe her), greedy step-mother, Agatha, who issued loans to Nora's late husband and forged Charles's name to them. Then she called in the loans, which Mr. MacKenzie could not pay. MacKenzie thought Charles had ruined him and he went to Charles's office in the Blair Bank and shot himself. This affected Charles deeply, so he crawled into a bottle, eventually dried out, then disappeared from New York. Everybody in Vermont thought he was a drifter. Even Nora. As this is a romance, Nora and C.W. fell in love. The road gets quite rocky when a freak autumn snowstorm wipes out most of the sheep, C.W. disappears to New York to straighten everything out, and Nora goes to NY to see to the settling of the MacKenzie estate and to deal with the auction of all her posessions which she hopes will pay off all her husband's debts. She goes to the Blair Bank to confront Charles Blair once and for all. Fur flies when she finds out that C.W. and Charles Blair are one and the same.... The book is well written and the story has romance, suspense, and intrigue. I'd recommend it to anyone.

This coming Friday is another anniversary. Richard and I will have been married for sixteen years. We're going out to celebrate. We don't buy each other anniversary gifts; instead, we buy something for the house. We haven't decided what the house needs this year, yet, but we will. Dinner will be good. I anticipate having both an appetizer and dessert, in addition to my entree. Too bad I don't like wine, or we would toast to another year.

Take care, everybody.


Theresa said...

I like Mary Alice Monroe so much that I skipped to the last paragraph. Sorry. Can't wait to help you celebrate your anniversary!

TheUnSoccerMom said...

Congrats on your 100th entry! And Happy Early Anniversary. :o)

Bridget said...

Hooray! Reasons to celebrate. Congratulations and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Happy Late Anniversary and Many, Many Happy More!!

Theresa said...

Time to blog. Get busy.