Friday, November 12, 2010

Nearly Perfect

I had a great day yesterday.

Richard has a sailboat, which he keeps at a marina on Lake Eufaula. It was time to get the boat hauled out of the water and have the hull scraped (lots o' algae) and painted. The marina where he keeps the boat does not do that, so he had to take the boat to another place farther up the lake.

I took a day off from work to help him out. My part was to drop him off at his marina and then drive to the other marina to pick him up.

The drive from one marina to the other takes about 30 minutes, but it took Richard about four hours to motor his boat up there. Consequently, I had a lot of time to fill.

I took along two books and my knitting. I spent my four hours at the Lodge at the state park on the lake. When I walked in the building, there were a bunch of women at the front desk having a good time chatting, and they greeted me warmly as I came through the door. I told them I had some time to kill and asked if it was all right to sit in the lobby. They practically escorted me to a chair. I met the park manager. Her name is Annette; very nice woman.

The Lodge also has a dining room. Richard and I had arrived at the park at about 10:00 am (it's a two-hour drive from our house) so I was able to finish one of the books (Crazy for You by Jennifer Crusie) before lunch. I finally hauled my self out of the comfortable chair and moseyed in to the dining room. Since it's the off season, I had my choice of tables, so I picked one near a window so that I could look out at the lake.

The waitress brought me a menu and some diet Coke and I picked out my meal. I realized later that I should have gotten a salad rather than a patty melt and fries, but you know what they say about hindsight. The service, even on a slow off-season day, was particularly slow, but I didn't really care. I had my book and still another couple of hours to kill so I started the second book I had brought (The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen).

After lunch I went back to my lobby chair and knitted a while. I'm working on a Christmas gift for my niece. While I was knitting, one of the park employees stopped, we exchanged a few pleasantries, and he then just watched me for a few minutes, apparently fascinated (and it wasn't even World Wide Knit in Public Day!). When I got tired of knitting, I went back to my book, keeping an eye on my watch so that I could get to the other marina before Richard was ready to go home. After finishing almost half the book, it was time to go. I went to the car, swatting gnats all the way and started a very pleasant drive.

The weather was perfect. I started the day wearing a woolly cardigan over a short-sleeved t-shirt, but I quickly discarded the sweater. I had some Google maps to guide me to the marina, and I managed not to make a single wrong turn. I arrived just as the boat was coming out of the water. I didn't feel like standing around watching such a slow process, so after I spoke to Richard, I went back to the car, lowered the windows to let in the breeze, sat with one door open and read. I sort of lost track of time, engrossed in my book as I was. Richard finally got through with the marina folks and we headed for home.

During my day I saw a Great Blue Heron (on the wing), a deer crossing the road and disappearing into the forest, and a Red-Tailed Hawk (also on the wing).

Did I say the weather was perfect? Well, it was. My day started out with a road trip with Richard, which I always enjoy; I got to spend time doing my two favorite relaxing activities; I saw wildlife; I had a leisurely lunch; I met nice people; and all in all it was a nearly perfect day. Oh, the being off work part was nice, too. When the boat is cleaned and painted, we'll get to do it again, only with different books and a different knitting project.