Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Retirement Fantasies

I'm getting to that point where retirement is the light at the end of a lo-o-ong tunnel. I'm looking forward to it and occasionally counting the days, although really it's several years off yet.

In the meantime, around this time of year, I get to have a few short pretend retirements: the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Because I work in a state-supported academic institution, I get the Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving week and about a week to ten days (counting weekends) at Christmas. I look forward to these holidays, for reasons more than that I'm a child at heart.

It's a time to imagine what retirement will be like. I've been looking forward to it for so long. I'm a little burned out on my career as a librarian and I'm looking forward to being a part-time sloth. There are books to read and knitting to get done; cats to cuddle; and the possibility exists that I may want to go back to writing some.

If I don't have to sit at a reference desk for most of the hours in any given day, then I'll have the energy to accomplish some things at home, run errands, take walks, go shopping just for the fun of it. I haven't strolled around a mall with no purpose in years. I'm always there to get something and get out.

I keep thinking of things I won't do when I retire, but I'm not carving anything in stone. I may develop whole new attitudes toward things. I repeatedly tell people, "You couldn't pay me to go back to school," but who knows; I might find something else I want to learn about. I've done enough traveling alone, but I might like to take some weekend trips with Richard. (A friend calls him "that pig" because he didn't take me to Australia when he went there for an international scientific meeting; but it would have been like traveling alone again as he was busy in meetings and conferences every day.) I still want to see New England, preferably not in the winter. I'd also like to see the Grand Canyon, maybe ride a mule down into it and back.

Richard's father, when he retired, took off his watch and doesn't bother much with what time it is. I can see me doing that. In fact I take my watch off now (for practice) when I get home from work on Fridays and if I need to know what time it is when we're out somewhere, I ask Richard.

It's going to be a frabjous day in my own personal La-La Land when I retire.

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