Thursday, September 23, 2010

Change of Seasons

Today is the first day of autumn.

And there will be a full moon tonight.

Do you think this is an auspicious coincidence?

Maybe some astrologist could clue me in.

I was looking back at some of my older posts the other day, and found a mention of last fall's first chilly temperature. It was October 19, 2009, and the forecast was for a low temp of 38 degrees. That's delightful night-time weather. It means we can get out the snuggly, fuzzy blanket, and the cats will want to sleep on the bed with us. I'm looking forward to fires in the fireplace and warm, woolly sweaters. Hot soup with toasty garlic bread. A big bowl of chili with some sweet cornbread.

This is going to be another random post, but I did want to celebrate the first day of fall.

A friend of mine was in the hospital for a week while the doctor waffled between "does she have diverticulosis?" or "does she have appendicitis?" Meanwhile, she was in a great deal of pain, and then had an apendectomy. The pain almost immediately went away and then they kicked her out of the hospital. (Isn't that just the way now: yank it out and kick 'em out?) Anyway, she's all better.

All this is leading up to a conversation I had with a coworker. I was telling him about my friend, and he got into a rumination about the difference between diverticulitis and diverticulosis, and went into some graphic detail. I interrupted him and told him I was glad it wasn't lunchtime while we were having this conversation. He saw the humor in my comment because neither of us is especially squeamish, and we had a nice chuckle.

Then I went to lunch.

I was sitting there in the Cheese & Feed (really, that's the name of the restaurant) enjoying my sandwich of ham and cucumber slices and cream cheese spread on a croissant, and at the table next to mine were three businessmen (they all had on white shirts and ties) talking about their colonoscopy preparations. I mean, really? Over lunch? In public? Just for the fun of it, I seriously considered pointing out that there were other people present who could hear them, but instead I went back to eating my sandwich. When I got back to work I told my coworker about it and we had another good laugh.

I'm excited. Richard and I have planned a weekend trip to Athens. When we go we're hoping to meet some old friends for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. We'll also go to the yarn shop in a nearby town and probably to the beer store. We have other favorite restaurants in our plans as well. One is Cajun, where we may get fried shrimp po'boys. The weather should be pleasant, too. It will be a nice trip.

This is the first year I have ever knit in the summertime. Before, it was always something I did only between October and March. I also used to knit exclusively with acrylic. Now I've discovered cotton. I've also discovered merino and have found a yarn on Webs that is 80% merino and 20% silk (Berroco Inca Gold). I haven't actually personally touched this yarn, but it sounds so yummy that I'm going to have to buy some of it for something. It comes in lovely colors, all named in Spanish. I'm currently drooling over granate (garnet). Shopping on the Internet is frighteningly easy.

Well, I hope the first day of fall is auspicious for you, in a good way, of course. It's one of my favorite seasons of the year. I love the crisp air and the bright blue sky.


Bridget said...

Fall is a fave of mine, too.

And actually, after this particular summer, almost anything would be an improvement!

Theresa said...

Heavens, you've become a real knitter!!

James said...

I want one of those sandwiches; maybe with onion added.


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