Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What Is A Romance?

At one time I thought I knew the answer to that question.

Two blog posts ago, I wrote about trying to read a romance. I had always thought that "romance novel" = "dismally bad writing, and even worse storytelling," the kind of writing that made your stomach turn over. The book I tried to read a couple of weeks ago was like that: really horrendously bad writing and a thin story line. I couldn't finish it, even though the author is a New York Times bestseller. (I'm still shaking my head about that one.)

Lene, bless her heart, thought I was lumping all romances into that bad, dominant male/wimpy female category. And I was. She suggested that I read Jennifer Crusie's Fast Women. So I did.

Well... Jennifer Crusie can write. I enjoyed Fast Women immensely. It had good prose, lots of action, believable romance, mystery, danger, conflict, and character growth. I think the key for me was the believable romance.

If Fast Women is an example of good romance writing, then I've been reading quite a bit of it lately. I just thought I was reading good books.

I have some more thinking to do.

Whatever you do, I'd recommend NOT reading that author I mentioned in the other blog post. She might be a very nice person and she might live in my mother-in-law's hometown, but I don't think I'll be looking her up the next time I go there.

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Lene Andersen said...

glad you liked it!

Romance novels has been my trash of choice for a long time - there's something so incredibly relaxing about reading a book where you know everything will turn out well.and there is an awful lot of trash out there(like there isn't any genre), but like I mentioned before, I have discovered authors who are terrific writers.

I'm reading Cruisie's Faking It at the moment and having a blast. She does screwball very well and if you can find a good narrator, the audio books are a treat. Fast Women was narrated by Sandra Burr (I think) who did a spectacular job.