Monday, August 16, 2010

Love Bacon

Bridget passed on the Ten on Tuesday 10 Reasons to Love Bacon because she is a vegetarian. But I am an omnivore, so I think I'll give it a shot.

Breakfast. This is a multi-part reason because I am a breakfast freak.

1. Bacon, eggs, and grits: This is a classic. You can get it in Waffle Houses and Denny's all over the place, but at home is best. I like my eggs either scrambled or over easy; butter on my grits; and my bacon crisply fried.

2. Bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich: When I was living/working in Charleston, the marine lab where I was employed had a snack bar and the nice lady who ran it would make sandwiches and hot dogs to order. Her bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches became legendary. I used to skip breakfast at home, just so I could have one of those sandwiches. (I also gained a lot of weight on them, not that I needed to.) They were a gastronomical delight.

3. Bacon alongside a stack of pancakes, with maple syrup drizzled on both. The combination of sweet and savory makes my mouth water even as I write this.

OK, enough with breakfast.

4. BLTs. Bacon, lettuce, and ripe, red tomato slices on whole-wheat or 12-grain bread. Plenty of mayonnaise, and salt and pepper. This is best made at home, too.

5. Clam chowder. The first ingredient to go in the pot is bacon. After it is fried crispy and drained, the rest of the chowder is assembled and the bacon goes back in at the end. Twenty minutes of simmering and you have a nice, thick pot of heaven.

6. Canadian bacon, pineapple, and mushrooms on a pizza. I came up with this combination when I was in library school in Seattle, and I asked Pizza Haven (on The Ave), to put mushrooms on my Hawaiian pizza. I liked it so well that my Hawaiian pizza now always has 'shrooms.

7. I love the aroma of bacon frying. I would rather my house smelled of bacon than cookies.

8. Bacon grease cooked in green beans. Richard and I are Southerners, so we don't really love crisp green beans, though we will eat them with gusto when presented with them. But at home, we cook our green beans to death, with chicken broth and bacon grease. Yummy.

9. Similar to #7, I love the smell of onions cooking in bacon fat. It's usually the beginning of a recipe that may eventually turn into something like a pot of chili.

10. As Emeril Lagasse is always telling us: "Pork fat rules!" He has never explained what the pork fat rules are, however.

From this list, you might think we eat bacon and its by-product on a regular basis, but we don't. We use far more olive oil and canola oil than we ever would of bacon or bacon grease. But we do break down and indulge every two or three months.

Bacon is a good thing.


Bridget said...

Thank you for taking the lead on this, and not besmirching my reputation! I think the no-bacon post generated more comments than almost anything else ever has ...

James said...

I shouldn't have read this post four hours after lunch and two hours before supper. I'm hungry now... your fault, at least I'm blaming you. :-) It probably wouldn't be so bad if I didn't like bacon so much, especially the thick extra crispy kind.