Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cat Behavior 101 (and other stuff)

On Saturday I wanted to knit on my sweater, so I settled in the recliner (my favorite place to knit), got out the knitting, saw that I was near the end of the skein, and tied on a new yarn end. Just as I was getting ready to start a new row, Bagheera jumped into my lap. I put her on the floor and, just like a yo-yo, she jumped right back up. We went through this several times, and then I thought, maybe if I moved the knitting a little further down on my lap, she'll see there is not enough room for her and go away. So I tried that. She jumped up on the arm of the chair, assessed the situation, and then climbed onto my chest and settled down. I decided I didn't want to go through this routine for the rest of the afternoon, so I gave up and put away my knitting. Of course, Bagheera jumped down then and ignored me for the rest of the day. I didn't dare pick up my knitting again because I knew she'd start all over. Damn cat.

Lila had to have knee surgery. She did the same thing that Fido did: she blew out a ligament. Richard took her to the vet and I picked her up the next day. She's doing fine, but with her hind leg shaved rather drastically, she looks like she has a raw chicken leg hanging off her hip. Cat hair grows pretty slowly so it'll be a while before she looks normal again. The nice thing is that she is no longer limping. She's not jumping up on the bed any more. I guess she realizes her limitations. Her new thing, when she wants on the bed in the middle of the night, is clawing the box spring on Richard's side of the bed. He eventually wakes up and lifts her onto the bed and she is so happy. She gets between us and purrs very loudly.

I am now addicted to my Kindle. I just downloaded another two books today. I won't ever grow averse to reading an actual hard-copy book (which is a good thing as not every book comes in a Kindle edition), but I do look forward to saving space on the bookshelves. I've started selling my books on Amazon, and while there is not a mad rush to buy my books, I did sell a few recently. That was gratifying.

Last Friday was a very high-calorie day. First off, we had a staff meeting to which our director brought Krispy Kreme donuts. I think I had four or five (love me some Krispy Kreme donuts). I thought I was safe for the rest of the day, but Theresa invited me to go out to lunch to celebrate Debbie’s birthday. We went to the King Buffet (Asian food), where I had only one plate of food, but then somebody broke out the birthday cake, a chocolate-on-chocolate, multi-layer cake from Mi Lady Bakery. Debbie cut me a sizeable piece, which I polished off. Along about 2:00 pm my stomach was feeling a little over-sugared, but I wasn’t done yet. For dinner, Richard and I went out with a crowd to celebrate Renata’s and Joe’s birthdays. We went to the Coconut Asian Bistro. I had my usual egg rolls and shrimp fried rice. Coconut is kind of a noisy place when you get twenty people at one long table, all talking at once and shouting from one end of the table to the other. After a while, the restaurant staff brought out the two cakes that Bret had procured: a chocolate cake and a caramel cake. I was going to forego cake but there was a spare piece of caramel floating around, so I said, “Oh, what the hell,” and I ate it. After abusing my stomach all day, I had to take several doses of bicarbonate of soda to be able to sleep that night. I ate lightly for the rest of the weekend and I have recovered. I will try never to do that again. (Famous last words…).

As you can see, nothing exciting has happened to me lately (except for the dealings with Amazon), but I hope you have been mildly amused. I try.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh, so you were part of the noisy crowd that Lee and I listened to on the other side of the partition on Friday night!!

All our fun was had watching the fish in the tank swim. You crazy kids!!



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