Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things That Cheer Me Up

1. Flowers, especially those given to me as a gift, like these roses that my niece gave me for my birthday last year. They were just rosebuds when I got them, and they blossomed nicely, didn't they?

2. Ice cream on a hot summer night. Richard and I don't buy ice cream very often but when we do we get the good stuff with a high butterfat content. Yum! Love me some butter pecan!

3. Chocolate. I don't consider it candy if it doesn't have chocolate in it or on it. The comedian Gallagher said that chocolate goes straight to a place in your brain right next to sex. I believe it. My favorite candy bar is a Snickers. Unfortunately, I think, the vending machine just down the hall has them. I try to be good and not have eight or ten in a day.

4. A good, fun romantic comedy. One of my favorites is Must Love Dogs, with Diane Lane and John Cusack. Another one I like is The American President, with Annette Bening and Michael Douglas.

5. A good murder mystery. When I was in library school I took a young adult literature class. One of the books we were assigned was The Handmaid's Tale, by Margaret Atwood. I read the entire book in one day, and it was so-o-o depressing I had to read three murder mysteries to cheer myself up. The thing I like about mysteries is that the bad guy almost always gets his just desserts in the end. Very satisfying.

6. Something witty popping out of Richard's mouth. He's got a quick mind and a good sense of humor and he makes me laugh frequently. Laughing is healthy.

7. Knitting. I get settled in the recliner just the right way that is so comfortable for knitting and I go to town. Sometime Lila (the cat) jumps up on the footrest and settles in between my ankles. The cats used to love to play with my needles when I was knitting, but they're getting older now and less playful. At least now I can knit in peace.

8. Christmas. I look forward to Christmas every year, mostly because it involves getting together with family. I love the decorations, especially those where people have gone a little nuts with the lights on their houses and in their yards.

9. A fire in the fireplace. We have a gas fireplace now, but in our last house we had a big wood-burning fireplace. Richard would build a big fire and warm us up good. Even our gas fireplace warms us nicely on a chilly night. The cats love it. They flake out in front of the fire and enjoy the warmth.

10. Hot soup. Richard and I save our soup-making for cold weather. It really hits the spot when the weather is cool. Some of our favorites are clam chowder (I have a really good recipe), macaroni and tomato soup, chili soup (this is one of my grandmother's recipes), and a recent discovery: smoked sausage, tomato and mushroom soup.

11. Hurtin' songs. Hurtin' songs are country songs the subject of which is unrequited love. I don't know why they cheer me up, but they do. You'd think they'd depress me. I guess I'm just weird. One of my favorites is called "Sorrowful Angels" from Patty Loveless's Mountain Soul CD. My favorite line is: "and when her heart was broke and bleeding, sorrowful angels wept into their wings."

I guess eleven cheering things are enough. Just to send you off happy, here's another flower picture. This is a purple leaf smoke tree. You can see where it gets its name.

Cheers to all of you!


Bridget said...

Your list is not that different from what mine would be, if I took the time to make one ...

Like you, I think murder mysteries are satisfying, since the murderer nearly always gets caught!

Phyl said...

Marie, I think I'm going to put you first on my list of "things that cheer me up"!!!!! In fact, I can "hear" your voice when reading all the crazy & interesting people, places, & things you write about....thanks for the smile....your girlfriend, Phyllis