Monday, February 22, 2010


Now, all you people who experience snow frequently, don't poo-poo my snow event. It had not snowed in south Georgia since 1973, so when it happens, you have to celebrate it.

These pictures were taken about 30 minutes after the snow started. The snow got thicker as the evening went on. And it was mostly gone by morning. It was nice while it lasted.

Here's Bagheera on the sofa. She's been curling up in my lap lately. I like that.

These are the four furballs at chow time. They love their canned cat food.

OK, that's all my snow and cat pictures.


Bridget said...

Pretty snow pictures! It's especially nice when it's brand new, and covering things like a blanket.

I love the kitty pictures - they all look like such sweeties.

Theresa said...

The crazy cat lady strikes again!!

Lene Andersen said...

Gorgeous cats! And Bagheera looks exactly like the Siamese of my dreams. Sigh...

The Literary Lioness said...

Your cats are just beautiful. Sigh. . . I miss having cats.

It hasn't snowed in Georgia since 1973??? We've had several snowstorms here in the Northeast just in February alone.