Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Red Sky At Morning...

Isn't that a lovely sunrise (or maybe it's a sunset)? I swiped the picture off Google Images.

Have you missed me? I've been sick. I was so sick of being sick that I told Richard I was actually looking forward to going back to work. Today I feel as normal as I have a right to be. Life is good.

We had a great Christmas. My mother-in-law requested a carrot cake for Christmas dessert and Richard told her I'd be happy to make one -- which I was. I had never made a carrot cake and I love them, so I found a yummy-sounding recipe (from the Barefoot Contessa) and whipped one up. It had cream cheese icing, my favorite. I can make a cake and I can make icing, but when I put them together it looks like a disaster (I am not skilled), but the thing tasted really, really good and everyone praised it. I was happy.

On Christmas Day we got our new kitty, Bagheera, the lovely seal-point Siamese. She loves affection and purrs quite readily. She is not a lap cat, but she does love being on the computer table when Richard and I are surfing the 'net. She has taken to sitting on the cable modem, warming her butt. I have yet to get a good picture of her. Every time I take one the flash reflects off her eyes and she looks a little deranged. I'll get a picture eventually.

Speaking of cats, our normally unsociable cat, Bennis, has decided (after living with us for over ten years) that she wants to be a lap cat. This may have something to do with the arrival of Bagheera, but who knows what a cat is thinking. She started this a few weeks ago when Richard was in New Orleans at a scientific meeting. I was home sick with bronchitis and one day she just curled up in my lap and slept for a good long time. I had to call Richard that night and tell him about it.

I finally finished a knitted object. Back in December I had bought some Berroco 100% merino wool in earthy shades with a little soft blue added for interest. I used it to make a scarf (simple two-by-two rib) and I wove in the ends last night. I must take some pictures. I finished the scarf just in time for the weather to warm up. Another knitting-related accomplishment is that I have learned to do a long-tail cast-on without going to the internet and watching the video -- again. I usually forgot between projects, but I think I've finally got it.

If you haven't already, try to donate toward the relief effort in Haiti. I'm going to give some money to the Red Cross, and I already donate monthly to Doctors Without Borders.

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Bridget said...

Glad you are back and feeling better!

Please please - kitty and FO pictures, we need them ...


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