Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pictures ...That I Took!

I got a request to post finished object pictures and cat pictures, so here goes.

This is my Berroco 100% merino scarf. I enjoyed making this. Real wool is so soft, especially this merino. I'm glad I have finally graduated from knitting with acrylic. Don't get me wrong, acrylic has its place, especially if you want something that is wash and wear. Most of my scarves are acrylic and they come out of the washer and dryer feeling soft and looking pretty. But, things change. It's past time to put on my big girl panties and knit like a woman! Roar!

This is my sock-yarn scarf. I forget the brand name, but it's superwash wool and nylon. Aren't the colors gorgeous? I made this with one ball of yarn, so it's not very long, but it's lightweight and I can wear it indoors when the heat's not cranking like it should.

Here's a closeup of the colors. The scarf is very simple. I knitted about an inch of two-by-two ribbing and then switched to garter stitch; at the end I put another inch of ribbing. Because it's sock yarn it took a little longer to knit but I really enjoyed it. (Now I just have to use some of my sock-yarn stash to make some actual socks.)

Here's Dashiell (a.k.a. Bubba) settled on the sofa. I showed this picture to Theresa and she said, "So that's the cat I never get to see." Dashiell is a little on the shy side, to put it mildly. When anyone besides Richard or I come in the house, he runs and hides -- and stays hidden until the axe-wielding-serial-cat-killer-stranger leaves. The silly cat doesn't realize he could get so much more petting, which he loves, if he'd just come out of his hidey-hole.

This is Lila. I know she looks like Basement Cat in this photo, but she's really very sweet. She likes to sleep between Richard and me at night.

And Bennis looks like Ceiling Cat, but she really isn't. The new kid in town, Bagheera, wants to play with Bennis, but Bennis sees it as aggression and reacts accordingly. Too bad. Bennis is kind of a loner.

Here's Bagheera on her cat condo. I still haven't gotten a very good picture of her and she's so pretty. Maybe when the weather is nice and we let the cats out onto the screened porch I can get one in daylight and won't need the flash.

Back to the knitting: I'm currently working on another scarf (it's what I do, I guess), this one of wool and silk. It's from Manos del Uruguay in shades of burgundy and rose (mostly burgundy). This one is even softer than the merino scarf.

Happy knitting. Pet your cats for me.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Red Sky At Morning...

Isn't that a lovely sunrise (or maybe it's a sunset)? I swiped the picture off Google Images.

Have you missed me? I've been sick. I was so sick of being sick that I told Richard I was actually looking forward to going back to work. Today I feel as normal as I have a right to be. Life is good.

We had a great Christmas. My mother-in-law requested a carrot cake for Christmas dessert and Richard told her I'd be happy to make one -- which I was. I had never made a carrot cake and I love them, so I found a yummy-sounding recipe (from the Barefoot Contessa) and whipped one up. It had cream cheese icing, my favorite. I can make a cake and I can make icing, but when I put them together it looks like a disaster (I am not skilled), but the thing tasted really, really good and everyone praised it. I was happy.

On Christmas Day we got our new kitty, Bagheera, the lovely seal-point Siamese. She loves affection and purrs quite readily. She is not a lap cat, but she does love being on the computer table when Richard and I are surfing the 'net. She has taken to sitting on the cable modem, warming her butt. I have yet to get a good picture of her. Every time I take one the flash reflects off her eyes and she looks a little deranged. I'll get a picture eventually.

Speaking of cats, our normally unsociable cat, Bennis, has decided (after living with us for over ten years) that she wants to be a lap cat. This may have something to do with the arrival of Bagheera, but who knows what a cat is thinking. She started this a few weeks ago when Richard was in New Orleans at a scientific meeting. I was home sick with bronchitis and one day she just curled up in my lap and slept for a good long time. I had to call Richard that night and tell him about it.

I finally finished a knitted object. Back in December I had bought some Berroco 100% merino wool in earthy shades with a little soft blue added for interest. I used it to make a scarf (simple two-by-two rib) and I wove in the ends last night. I must take some pictures. I finished the scarf just in time for the weather to warm up. Another knitting-related accomplishment is that I have learned to do a long-tail cast-on without going to the internet and watching the video -- again. I usually forgot between projects, but I think I've finally got it.

If you haven't already, try to donate toward the relief effort in Haiti. I'm going to give some money to the Red Cross, and I already donate monthly to Doctors Without Borders.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year! everybody, and I mean Everybody In The World!

I had a nice Christmas break (baked my first-ever carrot cake (YUM!)) and just enjoyed myself for two whole weeks. I'm looking forward to this new year and to doing more knitting and reading and enjoying the cats and my life in general.

I hope all of you had a great Christmas and that your New Year will be filled with hope and promises kept and laughter.

Keep on laughing!