Thursday, September 10, 2009

Possible New Addition To The Household

We may be getting a new cat.

This is Bagheera, a beautiful seal-point Siamese, who's just as sweet as pie.

She currently lives with my niece, Katie, who needs to find another home for her. Since I have met this lovely cat, I immediately volunteered. Richard was a little shocked at this spur-of-the-moment action on my part, but, being the big-hearted person he is when it comes to animals, he's pretty much on board with it now. We discussed it before the final acceptance was sent to Katie, and he left the decision up to me, knowing that I would say yes.

Bagheera was saved from being euthanized in an Alabama animal shelter by the Atlanta Siamese and Persian Rescue, and then Katie got her. She was less than 6 months old when she was snatched from the jaws of man-made death and Katie has had her about 5 years now, so she's not quite 6 years old.

Keep good thoughts for us and for Bagheera that things work out and she is able to come live with us.


Anonymous said...

She is indeed very pretty! I hope she gets to come and stay.
Funnily enough, my in-laws have a female black cat that the grandkids have named Bagheera.

Also, when my step-grandparents had barn cats, there were several white ones with names like snowflake, snowball, snowball 2, etc...

Bridget said...

What a beautiful girl she is! Does she "talk" as much as other Siamese?

I hope it will work out, I think you would all be very happy together.

phyl said...

Oh Marie, she's beautiful. Hope it all works out, she will be a very lucky kitty if it does.