Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday Book Review

I finished reading T is for Trespass, by Sue Grafton. As usual for Sue Grafton, it was a fantastic story. Our villain was a woman who took home-nursing jobs with elderly people and while caring for them, she sold off their valuables, got control of their bank accounts, and drained them dry. She kept them drugged so they couldn't get help from outside, and the elderly patients eventually died, earlier than God had intended. She made the mistake of taking a job with Kinsey Millhone's neighbor, Gus. Kinsey, a private investigator, was hired to do a cursory background check, but one of the villain's habits was assuming other people's identities. She did a very thorough job of it so that on paper, she was clean. She also knew how to use the legal system to her own advantage, and she thwarted Kinsey at almost every turn, including taking out a restraining order on her. This villain was one scary individual, not to mention downright evil. Grafton did a good job of throwing in plot twists so you had to keep turning pages. I really liked this novel.

Steve Hockensmith's On the Wrong Track is the second in his series of "Holmes on the Range" mysteries. Gustav and Otto Amlingmeyer are at it again, this time on a train from Ogden, UT, to San Francisco. They've been hired by the Southern Pacific Railway to do some detectivin' into why the Give 'em Hell gang are so successful at robbing the train so often. There is quite a cast of characters. Gustav ("Old Red," the illiterate brother) gets motion sickness on trains, so he has that to deal with in addition to his deducifyin'. Otto ("Big Red," the one who can read) is the narrator of the story. The dialogue is funny, and the scene in the men's room with the snake is priceless. I damn near had a laughing fit. I think this book is even funnier than the first one, Holmes on the Range. I already have the next one in the series, The Black Dove, on my Amazon wish list.

I thought this was going to be one of those random posts, but it turned out to be a book review.

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Bridget said...

1. What a great idea - a day for book reviews!
2. Both of these sound like good reads - thanks for the ideas!