Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blossom Was A Good Old Dog

Blossom was not her real name, but by the time we found out her real name, we were so used to calling her Blossom we couldn't switch.

She showed up in our driveway on the first day we were house-shopping. Blossom was a friendly dog. She came wagging her tail and practically smiling, so naturally Richard petted her and gave her a good back-scratching. He made a friend for life. She was there on the day we moved in, and nearly every day after that for years.

On days when Richard was working in his woodshop, she would hang out on the steps of the shop. If Richard was cooking a couple of pork butts on the smoker, Blossom would be there. She helped him garden, and she helped him build our small fish pond. On occasion, Blossom would take a dip in the pond. It freaked out the fish, but Blossom was happy.

Blossom toured the neighborhood a lot. Many people fed her, including us, and she started gaining weight. At one time we didn't see her for about a week and then a flyer showed up in all the neighborhood mailboxes telling us that she was diabetic and please don't feed her any more treats. She went on a strict diet and got insulin shots, but then she started developing the cataracts that most diabetic dogs get. She usually found her way to our house (we live just two doors away) and we'd find her snoozing in the garage or on the front porch. She stopped wandering around the neighborhood so much. Since she was going blind, we would always speak to her first so that she would recognize our voices and not be afraid of us. Once we spoke, her tail would start wagging. We could tell she was getting old and tired.

Blossom passed away last week. She was a good old dog.


Bridget said...

God Bless Blossom! It sounds like she had a good time, living her life the way she wanted to. What a sweetie. We'll all say a special prayer for her.

phyl said...

What a wonderful story. A lot of us have been blessed with a "Blossom" in our lives. They just make you feel so very special. Good doggie, Blossom