Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ten Favorite Places To Eat

These are in no particular order. The pickings in Tifton are slim, unless you like chain restaurants, so I went back in my memory for some outstanding eateries.

The Downtown Deli, Moultrie, GA. This is where I eat lunch every Tuesday and Thursday when Small Public Institution classes are in session. They know my name and they know what I want to eat. When I get to the counter they shout back into the kitchen, "Barbara, Ms. Marie's here!" Then Barbara gets to working on my hot ham & cheese sandwich. I also have a single-serving bag of Miss Vickie's Simply Sea Salt potato chips and unsweetened iced tea. (So, I'm a creature of habit. What of it?) I eat alone, which is probably a good thing as the sandwich is sometimes messy. I take a refill of iced tea with me back to the library and it gets me through the rest of the day.

2. DePalma's, Athens, GA. Richard and I became a fan of this place when we lived in Athens. One of our favorite meals there was the cheese and onion breadsticks (they give you enough for an entire entree), with a salad and then dessert. Another dish I liked was the spinach manicotti. Richard frequently got their lasagna.

3. Burger King, Anywhere, USA. Believe it or not (and why would you not?), every once in a while I like to have a Whopper and fries.

4. Waffle House, Anywhere, USA. Sometimes their quarter-pound hamburger and double hashbrowns just really hit the spot. Following that with a double slice of chocolate cream pie makes it an even more enjoyable dining experience.

5. Tarragon Grill, Moultrie, GA. Because it's about 27 miles from home, we sometimes go there for special occasions (like my birthday coming up soon). The restaurant is in an old farmhouse. The appetizers are good (like fried green tomatoes), and one of the entrees I like is a pasta Alfredo with shrimp. Their lasagna is good, but they give you so much it seems like it would be hard to walk to your car after eating it (I've only had a taste of it). The cheesecake with caramel sauce is yummy.

6. Santa Fe Cafe, Seattle, WA. I spent an evening there with my serials management class and professor (if you don't know what that is, then you must not be a librarian). They serve foods from New Mexico, which is slightly different from your basic Tex-Mex or south-of-the-border restaurants. Very tasty food.

7. Sir Scott's Oasis, Manhattan, MT. I spent Christmas with my Aunt Dorothy (Mama's oldest sister) one year, and her son and his wife took us there for dinner. They have seafood flown in from the west coast every day, and if I recall, I had fresh halibut. Their steaks are two inches thick and cooked just perfectly. Sir Scott's is a small restaurant carved out of part of a pool hall, so some rather unsavory-looking types came in, but nobody started any bar fights.

8. The Marketplace Restaurant, Charleston, SC. This place is no more, but it was one of the most elegant places in Charleston for dinner. My parents took me there once when I was in college, and we all enjoyed it very much. One of my classmates was a waiter there (complete with tux and black bow tie), and he arranged to get our table.

9. The Charleston Ice House, Charleston, SC. I don't think this restaurant is around any more either. (It's been over 20 years since I left Charleston). My favorite meal was a spinach salad followed by a bowl of she-crab soup laced with sherry.

10. Peking, Athens, GA. This place has the best lunch buffet I've ever had. The food is always fresh, not like some buffets where the food looks tired. Of course, Peking was always a hopping place. It's where I was first introduced to Crab Rangoon, one of my favorite Asian appetizers.

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Anonymous said...

I'd just like to ditto all your Athens selections. Crab Rangoon is a true diet-killer.



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