Thursday, June 11, 2009


I once drove through the Great Dismal Swamp at dusk. It wasn’t nearly as spooky as I thought it would be. I was expecting water lapping at the tires, Spanish moss hanging from dead trees, mist rising from the water, and mysterious things moving in my peripheral vision, but it was actually kind of pretty. Perhaps I learned not to judge a swamp by its name. (BTW, I stole this picture off their website. I hope the feds don't come looking for me.)

I finished reading On Call in Hell, A Doctor’s Iraq War Story, by Richard Jadick. I think I’ve mentioned before that it was intense, but it was pretty good reading. When the Battle of Fallujah was over (it lasted for weeks), it was time for Jadick to return home to his wife and tiny daughter. What saved the book from being all about the war was the epilogue. He told us about the guys he served with and how they coped with being back home after the intensity of the war. Most of them had some kind of emotional problem, but they all were working on it and making their lives better. It was heartening. We civilians hear about post-traumatic stress disorder, and Jadick described it pretty vividly. These men and women are our fellow citizens, and whether or not you support the war, you should support those men and women. Here I go preaching again. I recommend this book to anyone, except maybe the squeamish.

I’ve started Bitter Tide, by Ann Stamos, but so far I haven’t read enough to make any kind of intelligent statement about it.
Richard and I are preparing for a visit from his parents and sister and I’m still trying to move from war-story mood to a mystery mood. After reading something as intense as On Call in Hell, I need a good murder mystery to cheer me up.

Sometime in my recent past, I saw a bunch of pictures of either Chinese or Japanese signs translated into English.
The translations were hilarious, and the one that stuck in my mind was the sign over a clothing store which read, “Unsightly and Peculiar.” I decided that sign perfectly describes the way some teenagers dress nowadays. Does that make me sound like an old fart? I don’t care.

I think I'll take pictures of the food Richard and I serve to his family this weekend and then post them. I haven't put up any good food pictures in a while.

See y'all later.


Theresa said...

This is the photo police. You are under arrest for stealing and posting an authorized picture of the Dismal Swamp. You will now be sentenced to 25 more years in library at small academic institution. Old fart.

faith said...

here are your translated japanese signs. love the blog.


Bridget said...

Tsk, tsk. What would lead you to such a heinous crime???

That Iraq book sounds pretty interesting, I may have to look for it.

I enjoy having company to cook for, since a lot of recipes I like to make are just better if you make them in a larger quantity. Hope you enjoy your visitors!


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