Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Me" Time on a Tuesday

Today's Ten on Tuesday subject is "10 Things To Do During 'Me' Time." I have about an average amount of "Me" time, but I'm kind of dull, so this list may not make it all the way to 10 things. These are in no particular order of preference. Here goes:

1. Watch a baseball game, specifically a Braves game. If the Braves ain't playing, I usually don't watch it. I hate to see my guys lose, but I love seeing your guys lose.

2. Read a good book. My two favorite things to read are mysteries and memoirs. It's especially enjoyable if there is a cat on my lap.

3. Cook. I don't like to cook all the time (thank goodness Richard also cooks), but when I do, I find it rather meditative to prepare ingredients for cooking. I get caught up in the rhythm and repetition of chopping vegetables. I also like to make good old baking-powder biscuits, a skill I learned from my mother.

4. Listen to music. I drive to Moultrie, GA, two days a week. It takes about 35 minutes to drive the 27 miles from Tifton and I usually bring along two CDs. Today I brought Emmylou Harris's Heartaches & Highways; and George Strait's Troubadour.

5. Take a nap in the recliner. This is easier to do if I have a cat to purr me to sleep.

6. Watch a nice romantic comedy, such as Must Love Dogs, Under the Tuscan Sun, Hatari! (an old John Wayne movie), Sabrina, The American President, and others.

7. Take a road trip with Richard. I can make "Me" time out of practically any activity, as long as I'm enjoying it. We take along the iPod and listen to music. Richard usually drives and I ride shotgun.

Okay, I didn't make it to ten. But here's a nice picture for your added enjoyment:

Doesn't this look like a delicious pie? I made the crust from scratch, and Richard prepared the filling of blueberries, but for the first time in our pie-baking experience, we failed. It was awful. We've decided to change our method of preparation for the next time we make a blueberry pie.

Wish us luck.


Bridget said...

There are few things in life more upsetting than a bad homemade pie - sorry it wasn't a success!

If it's any consolation, it looks nice ...

Theresa said...

Good movie choices. and thanks for making me hungry for apple pie! (not blueberry!)


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