Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

I found this on Bridget's blog, and I stole the idea. This week's topic is ten Favorite Cities. I haven't visited that many big cities, so I hope I make it to ten. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. Pendleton, SC -- My hometown. The whole town is on the National Register of Historic Places.

2. Charleston, SC -- I went there to attend college and ended up staying for fifteen years.

3. Atlanta, GA -- My last foray into Atlanta was to attend a Braves baseball game. It was a beautiful September day and I had a great time.

4. Athens, GA -- This was where Richard and I had our first home together. I made some really good friends, and I try to get back at least once a year.

5. Victoria, BC -- I've been to Victoria several times. It's a beautiful city and the ride on the ferry is very refreshing. The ferry goes through the San Juan Islands which are just gorgeous.

6. Sioux Falls, SD -- My mother lived there when she met my father. My aunt still lives there.

7. Savannah, GA -- Such a lovely, historic city. St. Patrick's Day on the Riverwalk is a madhouse, though. There's nothing like fresh seafood in a coastal town.

8. Montgomery, AL -- I've been to Montgomery several times to attend the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. The performances are great, very professional, and rival any you would see in NYC.

9. New York City -- OK, I've been to New York. It was a long time ago and I was toured around by a resident. The best things were visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the costume display, and seeing Art Garfunkel on 5th Avenue.

10. London -- The day I spent wearing out my shoes in London was spectacular. My guide, a British friend, showed me many of the city's more famous sites, and we ate in some nice, local, out-of-the-way restaurants. I made a brass rubbing at Westminster Abbey.

I have a few more cities I've visited, but we'll save them for a later time. Small cities usually hold as much attraction as larger ones. Can you tell I'm a small-town girl?


Bridget said...

I think the best part about this is reading about some places where I haven't been, but now really want to visit!

I think small cities rock, actually. Sort of the best of both worlds, as far as I'm concerned.

Theresa said...

Honey child, you may think you haven't been to too many towns, but you've got me beat by more than a mile or two! I can't believe you didn't add Norman Park and your experiences at Jernigan's. :)