Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Day For Daylilies

I seem to have an overabundance of pictures of daylilies, so here's a few to look at:

Richard grew these from seeds. For most of them, he didn't know what he was going to get, so each color of daylily was a surprise when it bloomed. A very nice surprise.

I'm still reading On Call in Hell, A Doctor's Iraq War Story. Parts of it are quite intense, so I have to put it down and digest what I've read. The hardest parts to read are the descriptions of some of the wounds he has to tend to. One that especially disturbed me was about the Marine who had the lower half of his face blown off by a grenade. Who's going to tell his wife? Who's going to tell his parents? Who's going to tell HIM? He made it back to Bethesda alive, but that's where I stopped reading for the day. You know we need to be aware of this kind of stuff. When William Tecumseh Sherman said that "War is hell," we need to be aware that he understated the case. It's good to be patriotic, but we need to understand what we're sending our troops into. Pray for peace.

Okay; enough preaching. I'm not very eloquent, but I am sincere.

My to-be-read pile seems to be getting bigger instead of smaller. I added Bitter Tide by Ann Stamos. Ann Stamos is a pen name for Judy and Takis Iakovou, friends of mine from Athens, GA. Judy and Takis plot the story together, then Judy does most of the writing. They have several other novels, written under their real names. Bitter Tide is a historical mystery, in which our killer gets off the boat at Ellis Island and promptly shoots her fiance. Judy spent many hours in the University of Georgia library researching this book. She and Takis also made a few trips to New York to visit Ellis Island and other sites pertinent to the story. I'm looking forward to reading it.

Yesterday was Memorial Day and Richard and I went to a cookout at our friend Bret's house in the country. It was sort of a potluck. Bret grilled steaks and burgers, and the rest of us brought side dishes and desserts. Richard and I took potato salad. There was corn on the cob, for which Bret supplied lime wedges, Parmesan cheese, and paprika. I tried it with those toppings and it was really good. I'm going to have to remember that the next time Richard and I have corn on the cob. We also had a yummy fruit salad with peaches, cantaloupe, strawberries, and big fat blueberries. There was a pasta salad and some slaw, both very good. For dessert, Leann made a green-tomato pie. She spiced it up just like you would an apple pie and it was very tasty. Polly couldn't make it, but she sent her husband and daughter, along with some pumpkin bread with a little bowl of cream cheese and orange marmalade to spread on the bread. There were chocolate cookies and lemon bars and a blackberry pie. It amazes even me that I can remember so vividly whatever I've recently had to eat.

Dashiell has been in the veterinary hospital since Friday. He was having trouble keeping any food down. (Greenies make ugly stains on light-colored carpet.) The vet did some blood work and gave him a very thorough exam, and determined that he was having a mild liver problem. She put him on an IV to get some calories in him, and he's finally eating solid food without tossing his cookies. We got a call yesterday to tell us that he seemed to be doing fine, although they still had him on the IV. Richard is supposed to get an update today from Dr. King, but I haven't heard from him yet. We were told that Dashiell is "interacting" with the staff at the hospital, which is a very good sign, as he's usually a 'fraidy cat. When visitors come to our house, he is usually under the bed. We can't wait for him to get well enough to come home.

So I got off the subject of daylilies. So sue me.


Paige Mercer Cummings said...

Beautiful day lilies!! Mine haven't even put out buds. Must be late-bloomers. Late-bloomers?? Never mind.

Hope Dashiell is doing better. You know BarnKitty has stomach problems and has to have 5 mg prednisolone every day or she vomits up her dinner. And her breakfast. And her lunch. And at 6 pounds and 18 years, she doesn't have a lot of weight to spare.

Bridget said...

Those daylilies are lovely! We planted some a couple of years ago, and not a single one came up, ever, so I'm jealous.

Bitter Tide sounds like it would be really interesting, I'll have to look for it.

Go Dashiell! You are too sweet-looking to be sick and have to be at the hospital. Tell your mom to give you a hug from me.