Friday, April 3, 2009


The torrential rains and the tornado threats have abated for now. In fact, it's a beautiful, blue-sky, sunshiny day.

There has been lots of flooding, athough we do not live in a floodplain. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I drive 27 miles south to Moultrie, GA, to play librarian at the Small Public Institution satellite campus. I drive by many farms and it seems each one has a pond, some of them small lakes. As I was driving home yesterday, I noticed most of them were overflowing their banks. Fortunately, the water was not overflowing the road (thanks to deep ditches). I also cross several bridges on my way to and from Moultrie and there was high water in the creeks.

After I got home last night, my director called to tell me Small Public Institution would be closed today, because of flooding. She also told me Berrien County (sort of ESE of Tift) had run out of "road closed" signs. So you can see we've had some serious weather down here in South GA.

Lest we forget, here's a picture of a dark and stormy night from our front door. Those white spots are raindrops. Not the greatest picture in the world, but it does show how our world looked one evening before sunset. Yes, before.

I went wandering around the yard again today. It's such a pretty day, how could I not take some pictures.

This is some kind of climbing rose. Richard said he looked it up one time, but he's forgotten what it is.

This is our little fish pond (with no fish). This is where all the tree frogs and other amphibians gather at night and sing their little hearts out.

We have some live oak trees in the back yard, along with the obligatory Spanish moss. Did you know Spanish moss blooms? It has extremely tiny yellow flowers.

Richard recently built this raised bed for such things as tomatoes (if they can resist tomato spotted wilt virus, common down here), peppers, and herbs.

I'm glad for the farmers that we had rain, but I'm also glad to see this beautiful day.


Theresa said...

No fair! My garden was decimated by the hailstorm. I think I may have to start all over again!

Anonymous said...

Love your pond!!



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