Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Reading Habit

I finished up the book I was reading (Dead Heat by Dick Francis and Felix Francis). It is such a pleasure to read Dick Francis. He keeps you guessing and then gives you a good and satisfying ending. I did, however, guess who one of the bad guys was. This character was not the Major Bad Guy, who was a real stinker, but he was bad enough.

Saturday was a seriously rainy and windy day. I was ensconced in my recliner with the footrest up, a cat on my lap, and a book in my hands. All I was missing was a fire in the fireplace. It was a good reading day and a happy afternoon.

After I finished Dead Heat, I was still in a Dick Francis mood and I segued right into the very latest Francis novel, Silks. I read most of that one on Sunday, but I had to wait until after work on Monday to finish it up. The main character of Silks is a barrister (and an amateur steeplechase jockey). There is some courtroom action and it’s enough to tell the story, but not enough that you’d care to skip over any parts of it. The bad guy in this novel has absolutely no conscience whatsoever. Scary. When I finished I felt that there was more to the story, so maybe he’ll write a sequel to Silks. We’ll see. Somewhere, and I can’t remember where, I read that a new novel was coming out in 2009.

My next reading adventure will be Robert B. Parker’s Rough Weather. It’s a Spenser novel. Robert B. Parker is another of my favorite authors. I really like his Jesse Stone series. (Well, I like all his series so far.) There have been five TV movies made based on the Stone novels and starring Tom Selleck. I think they really nailed it when they got Selleck to play Jesse Stone. I don’t really know that much about acting, but I believe Tom Selleck when he acts. I used to watch Magnum P.I. faithfully, and I believed he was that Vietnam-vet, fun-loving, private eye. When he’s playing a cowboy (Quigley Down Under; Monte Walsh) or a policeman (like Jesse Stone), he convinces me that he IS that character and I never think, “Oh, that’s just Magnum playing a cowboy.” As I’ve said before, I’m a great audience (Jaws scared the bejeezus out of me). I kinda got off the subject of Robert B. Parker, didn’t I? It’s been a while since I read one of his novels, so I’m really looking forward to Rough Weather.

For some reason, 2008 was a bad year for my reading habit. I keep track of what I’ve read in a little (formerly) blank book. I enter the books in order of reading, and draw a line in the margin, noting each new year as it comes. Last year I only read about eight or ten books. I don’t know what was wrong with me. That’s one reason why my to-be-read pile is so huge. But this year I’m trying to whittle it down, one book at a time.

Stay tuned for more books (and cats).


Theresa said...

You're on a roll - now why don't you break out the knitting needles. I'm thinking of doing the same :)

Bridget said...

I've never read any of the books with Jesse Stone's character, but I have seen a couple of the movies, and I agree, Tom Selleck is very believable.

I need to get to my TBR pile too - it grows larger instead of smaller!

Anonymous said...

I *love* Quigly Down Under!! Not that that has anything to do with your reading habits.



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