Thursday, February 26, 2009

Food Again, or The Restaurant That Is No More

Let me get wistful here. I miss Lulu's.

Shortly after Richard and I moved to Tifton, we heard about this really nice restaurant in Valdosta. Valdosta is down Interstate 75 about 50 miles. That sounds like a long way to go for dinner, but when the pickings are slim, you do what you have to do. Tifton has lots of places to eat, but they are mostly chain restaurants. Boring.

Anyway, we thought we'd try Lulu's for our anniversary. Well, it was like walking into a small oasis of class, compared to all the chains. The decor and the lighting were subtle. The small open kitchen was at the front of the restaurant. There were real tablecloths and napkins, candles and flowers on the tables. The wait staff was friendly and efficient, and the food was great.

On our first visit we had the baked brie as an appetizer. It was in a puff-pastry crust with a pecan and caramel sauce and it was divine. We went to Lulu's many times before it closed. We tried as many of the entrees as we could. We tried pasta dishes, fish dishes, meat dishes, whatever. The menu was not long but we were never disappointed with the food.

If your waiter found out that you were celebrating an event, he/she would stick a skinny little candle in your dessert. The candle sparkled and it was one of those that relit itself. I don't mind a little humor in my classy restaurants. My favorite dessert was the carrot cake. It was definitely not from a bakery. It tasted like homemade. The cake was dense and rich with lots of carrots and nuts and that lovely cream cheese icing. My mouth waters just thinking about it.

I was heartbroken when I found out Lulu's had closed. We have yet to find a comparable restaurant. But we have hope.


Anonymous said...

I miss Venice Grill :(

Theresa said...

Oh sure, tell me about closed restaurants. Have you tried the new one in the Harvey's plaza yet? I wanted to, but John vetoed it in favor of Crapper Barrel.


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