Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Did You Miss Me?

Here it is Wednesday already. I skipped writing on Tuesday, one of my usual days, because I was still steaming from something that happened that morning at work. I had a run-in with a student who was being a complete @#$%^&*!! (fill in your own expletive). There are rules and he wanted them all waived for him. The details are unimportant. Suffice it to say he was difficult. My director and her administrative boss (the Vice President...) both talked me down, since I really wanted to take this @#$%^&*!! by the throat and slam his head against a brick wall (the fact that he was taller, stronger and younger than I is beside the point). I guess the Universe throws someone at you like that every once in a while just to remind you to appreciate that all the other students are very nice, polite, and respectful.

Okay, back to my real world.

My friend Diane didn't win her second go round of Jeopardy! but she was a good player. I'm so proud to know her.

I've added another link to my list of Blogs I Like. My friend Genie (also of Athens, GA) is a storyteller/writer. She's putting her stories on her blog. She's actually won an award for her writing. I'm proud to know her too.

Last week, I gave some squares of vintage flour sacking to my friend Theresa (of Knitting Nonpareil). That very day she took pictures of the fabric and posted them to her blog. Check them out. The colors are still as vibrant as they were when my mother bought the flour, back in the 19xx's. (You thought I was going to give away my age, didn't you? HA!) I can't wait to see what Theresa makes with the stuff.

Tonight is grocery shopping night. We usually go out to dinner before we go to the grocery store. I should get something light and good for me, but I really want comfort food (thanks to the aforementioned @#$%^&*!!).

Think good thoughts for me.


Bridget said...

Once when I worked at the med school library, an obnoxious student was frustrated because he wanted special treatment. Finally, he said, "You should do what I want! I pay your salary!" I was so irritated, I said, "Well maybe you should give me a raise."

He shut up and walked away. (And amazingly, I didn't get in trouble ...)

Theresa said...

I'm still sick, but here I am, reading your blog. Dedication. We went to Loco's on Weds. night when I got home, and I was so expecting to see you!


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