Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cat (And Dog) Pictures

This is my special cat, Lila. She thinks she's the Queen of Everything. She loves to get into and under things, especially if it's something warm. Lila and Dashiell are littermates and they spend a lot of time snuggled up together or fighting. If it ain't one thing, it's the other. Richard says that Lila loves me and tolerates him, but I know she loves him, too. She's taken up the slack of being in my lap, where Fido used to spend a lot of time.

This is Dashiell. He likes to think he's Alpha Cat, but he really knows that Richard and I are Alpha. I can stare him down. He's a terribly sweet and cuddly cat. And, boy, when it's dinner time, he starts hollering like he's starving and he's not going to last another two minutes unless we feed him NOW.

This is Blossom, who lives two doors down the street. She loves Richard and will come to see him when he is outside seeing to the landscaping. You can see that she is a little tubby, but that's all changed. She's now diabetic and mostly blind, but she still finds her way to our yard. She's one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met (but then I've never met a black Lab who wasn't sweet). She's getting old and we will definitely miss her when she dies.

This is the late, great Fido shortly after his leg surgery. The vet gave him some painkillers after the surgery and Fido thought they were great. He acted as if nothing was wrong with his leg and even wanted to go outside to hunt small animals. It took a few weeks for him to accept the fact that he had become an indoor cat. We still miss him.

This is Bennis, our unsociable cat. She's sweet, in her own little stand-offish way. She likes to eat, never misses a meal, and never misses an opportunity to lick our plates (or whatever) when we have things like cereal, ice cream, eggs, blueberry muffin crumbs, and even Richard's persimmon pudding. She's especially crazy about eggs, fried or scrambled, she's not picky.

Those are the pets. When I learn to deal with photos better, maybe I can make the posts a little more artistic.

I'm still waiting for my camera (Richard took all these pictures). One of these days I'll get to take pictures of my knitting! Such as it is.

I'd love to hear about your pets.

Donate to the ASPCA. I do.


Theresa said...

Well ain't you all that and a bag of chips!! It's nice to finally meet the entire family - just sorry I never got to meet Fido - outside his urn.
I want a lab, but my husband thinks he can tell me what to do, and he tells me NO DOG!

Bridget said...

What a bunch of sweethearts!

We have a "part-time" dog too. We think he's great, the cats think he's appalling ...


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