Monday, January 26, 2009

Fido and Knitting

We got Fido's ashes from the vet. Before he blew out a ligament in one of his hind legs and had to have surgery, we let him go outside. Since he liked to go out in the woods beside the house, we thought we'd scatter his ashes there, but they're sealed up in a nice little urn, so they're now sitting on a shelf in Richard's office. When he was an indoor/outdoor cat, Fido wore a collar and name tag, so Richard hunted up the name tag and glued it to the bottom of the urn.

I'm making a scarf out of shokay, or yak down yarn. Yes, I said YAK, as in hairy bovine creature native to the Himalayas. I found it on the Yarn Market website under the brand name of Himalaya. It's not cheap, so I could only afford enough for a scarf, but then scarves are what I do best. (I'm not the most accomplished knitter on the planet.) The yarn color is Himalayan Sunset, which is sort of a soft orange. I'm more than halfway through, so when I get my new camera, I can post a picture. The yarn looks more like cotton than wool, but it's way softer than cotton. I'm doing the scarf in the Mistake Rib pattern, which is so easy I don't even have to count. I love it.

One of these days I will continue learning how to make socks. I have the leg and heel flap done on my first (ever) sock. I got so carried away with the idea of making socks that I bought enough sock yarn to make eight (8!) pairs of socks. I'm sure when I get through the first one it will be much more of a breeze than it is now. Wish me luck.

That's enough for today. Pictures eventually. Ta-ta for now.

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Bridget said...

We have ashes of three of our kitties. I thought about scattering them in our garden, but then decided that having them inside made them seem like they were still part of the family. Who knows why I decided that, but I did ...

I made my husband a hat out of yak for Christmas, and he loves it. Enjoy working with yours!


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