Friday, January 23, 2009

This Is The Beginning And It's About ME

Yes, I have cats. And books. And knitting. I may even post some pictures of the cats and the knitting. You don't really want to see pictures of my books, do you?

My name is Marie and I have a husband, Richard, and three cats. We did have four cats up until a couple of days ago when Fido, who was not quite ten years old, passed away. We will miss him a lot. You tend to get attached after ten years. Fido used to love to sleep in my lap and was really quite insistent about it. My lap can usually be found in a recliner, and if I tried to keep him from jumping up, he would just get up on the sofa and come across the end table. Tricky little bugger. Every Saturday morning, Fido and I would take a nap together while my laundry was drying. He also liked to be on the bathroom vanity while Richard was brushing his teeth and/or shaving. As I said, we will miss him a lot.

Why did we name a cat Fido? Good of you to ask. The first day he showed up at our house, Fido followed Richard home just like a puppy, and when Richard was working in the yard, Fido would follow him around -- just like a puppy. So what else could we call him?

Our other three cats, Lila, Dashiell, and Bennis, are very nicely taking up the slack in Fido's absence. Lila, who thinks she's the queen of everything, and Dashiell, who thinks he's alpha cat, also like to be lap cats. Bennis is a cat we rescued from a barn in Cornelia, GA. She's not particularly sociable. She likes to be by herself and the only time she gets in my lap is when there's food involved. All three cats live exclusively indoors. There will be pictures eventually.

Well, that's enough for today. I know I didn't get to the books or the knitting, or really to ME, but a blog is an ongoing process. Ta-ta for now.


Theresa said...

Most excellent start, my dear. Pictures of some yak yarn would be nice!

Bridget said...

We lost our 4th kitty last year, and I still miss her! It's weird to suddenly have three when you are used to 4 ...

I'm looking forward to reading more on your blog, enjoy!

Lene Andersen said...

So sorry for your loss - they do leave a huge hole in your hesrt.

But welcome to blogland!


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